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The Department of Fisheries (DoF) is sub-divided into Capture Fisheries (Capture Extension and Capture Research), Aquaculture (Aquaculture Extension and Aquaculture Research), Fisheries Training and Administration.

The overall goal for the department is "To increase aquacultural production and promote sustainable utilisation of natural fisheries resources thereby contributing to the national economy through generation of employmenmt, incomes and improved availability of fish".

To achieve what is outlined in the overall goal, DoF has five (5) lead purposes namely:

  • To promote aquaculture development
  • To control /manage exploitation of natural fisheries resources
  • To improve the quality and quantity of marketed fish
  • To improve technmical capability of fisheries staff, fishers, fish-farmers and other stakeholders
  • To re-organise institutional set up of the fisheries sector and strenthen its capacity

There are nine (9) major capture fishery areas in Zambia where fishers are involved in all kinds of fishing and related activities namely: Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru-Luapula, Lake Bangweulu, Lukanga swamps, Upper Zambezi, Lake Kariba, Lower Zambezi, Lake Itezhi-tezhi and Kafue Floodplain fisheries.

Furthermore, in all provinces in Zambia are found community and private dams and ponds conducive to support aquatic life or fish. Aquaculture development or fish culture per se is most common in North-western, Copperbelt and Eastern provinces. Other provinces where fish capture dominates have seen a steady increase in aquaculture activities in the past ten years. 

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