News Decentralisation of NHCC Operations

Untill 1996, the Commission only operated from Livingstone. However, after 1996, it decentralised its operations by opening four regional offices. The East Central Office based in Lusaka is responsible for the management and conservation of all heritage resources in Eastern, Central and Lusaka Provinces while the Northern Region, with its office based in Kasama, covers Luapula and Northern Provinces. The North West Office covers North-Western and Copperbelt Provinces and its regional office is based in Solwezi. Finally, Livingstone's based South West Office is charged with the task of managing heritage resources in Southern and Western Provinces. Among other objectives for this decentralisation programme was to bring conservation staff closer to where the heritage resources were located. Its long term objective was to enhance the effective conservation and management of Zambia's unique heritage.

Types of Heritage

Heritage like in other countries is divided into two categories vide cutlural and natural heritage.There are a number of heritage categories that fall under cultural heritage. The most common ones are archaeological, anthropological, historical, engineering and architectural. Included under natural heritage are geological, geomorphological, ecological, botanical types of heritage.

Importance of Heritage

Heritage is not only cardinal in promoting national identity, but as a resource, is used for education and research. Some sites such as the Zambezi Source are a habitat to myriads of floral species while others like Lakes Kashiba and Chilengwa supports aquatic as well as terrestrial life. Heritage also plays a significant role in promoting tourism investment and economic development. This is evidenced by the massive tourism investment that the country's only world heritage site, the Victoria Falls, has attracted to Livingstone town. As the country boasts of other waterfalls which are equally spectacular, it is envisaged that the amount of investment in this sector will double.

Release date 25/11/2009
Contributor Collins C Chipote