Folder National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Following ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1993, the Government prepared the Biodiversity Policy of 1999. The Government’s mission is “to establish legal, policy and institutional frameworks and mechanisms that promote the conservation, management and sustainable use of Zambia’s biological resources and the equitable sharing of benefits from the use of these resources by all sectors of the population”.

The guiding principles include:
  • Protection, conservation and sustainable utilisation of biodiversity are a responsibility of every citizen of Zambia
  • All Zambians depend on biodiversity, should share responsibility for managing biological resources sustainably, and should benefit equitably from the use of biodiversity
  •  All Zambians should be encouraged to participate in decisions involving the use of our biophysical resources, including air, water, land, plants and animals
 Biodiversity has ecological, economic, social, cultural and intrinsic values
  • Scientific and indigenous knowledge should contribute to sustainable
  • management and use of biological resources and such knowledge,
  • innovations and practices about biodiversity should be respected, protected and supported
  • Multi-sectoral co-operation for the planning and management of biodiversity is essential to the implementation of the strategy, and
  • Ex-situ measures should complement in-situ conservation of biodiversity especially for species and populations that are threatened by extinction and those modified by man to meet social, cultural, scientific and economic needs.

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