Folder Mining Policy

The policy aims to encourage private investment in exploration and development of

mining and downstream processing. One specifically environmental policy objective

is to reduce the danger of ecological damage arising from mining operations as well

as damage on the health of workers and inhabitants of the neighbourhood through

air, water and land. This will be done through new and existing legislation.

Environmental concerns are currently addressed by Statutory Instrument No. 28

(1997), Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, enacted under the provisions

of the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act of 1990.

The Mines and Minerals Act provides for the granting of mining rights, prospecting,

mining, disposal of minerals, conservation and protection of air, water, soil, flora,

fisheries and scenic attractions in or on the land over which the mining right is sought.

It also provides for EIA, air quality and emission standards, storage, handling and

processing of hazardous materials, and regulates mine dumps. Specific guidelines for

environmental protection in mining operations are contained in Statutory Instrument

No. 29 (1997), also called the Mines and Minerals (Environmental) Regulations of

1997, and enacted under the Mines and Minerals Act of 1995.