CBD Institutional Arrangement in Zambia

The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources (MTENR) is the Focal Institution for the implentation  of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The Environment and Natural Resources Management Department acts, on behalf of the National Government as a liaison with the international Secretariat of the Convention. it is also in charge of the general follow-up of the CBD implementation.

A Biodiversity  Steering Committee has been  established to  coordinate  and monitor implementation of  programmes/ projects on biodiversity management in Zambia. The Biodiversity Steering committee is composed of the following member institutions:

  • The Environmental council of Zambia (ECZ): Mandated by law to control pollution and protect the environment from damage. Further information can be sort from www.necz.org.zm or
  • The Zambia Wildlife Authrority (ZAWA): mandated by law to protect and ensure sustainable use of wildlife resources.Further information can be sort from www.zambiawildlife.org.zm or
  • The University of Zambia (UNZA) represents institutions of higher learning. UNZA participates in biodiversity studies through various teaching and research programmes especially in the school of Natural Sciences.
  • National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research  (NISIR) is a  government  agency  established  to initiate  and  coordinate scientific and industrial research.
  • Wildlife and Environment Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ) is one NGO that has a long history of involvement in advocating for sustainable management of Zambia's wildlife resources.
  • Fisheries Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
  • University of Zambia, as a an institution which participates in biodiversity studies through various teachning and research programmes especially the school of natural sciences
  • Zambia National Farmers Union
  • World Wide Fund for Nature


Folder The National Focal Point to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Folder The National Focal Point to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)