Biodiversity Projects/ Programmes in Zambia

The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources and/ through its statutory bodies has launched numerous programmes/ projects  in Environment and Natural Resources management and conservation in Zambia. Although each of these projects has its own objectives, they all contribute to the common goal of attaining sustainable socio-economic development through sound management  of the environmental and natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

This folder provides information on major Projects/ Programmes being under taken in Zambia which have a direct bearing to Biological Diversity.


Folder National Adaption Programme of Action (NAPA)
Folder National Capacity Self Assessment (NCSA)
Folder Provincial Forestry Action Programme (ZFAP)
Folder Reclassification and Effective Management of National Protected Areas System Project
Folder Support to Economic Expansion Programme (SEED)
Folder Zambia Forestry Action Programme (ZFAP)