ransfrontier Conservation Areas

Transboundary environmental issues involve more than one nation and are often addressed using varying political and management approaches that empoly different laws and requlations. The sustainable use of natural resources such as those derived from forest ecosystems and the monitoring, management and conservation of flora and fauna shared by various countries, are problems of major concern in Africa. Efforts have been made to introduce management mechanisms that involve some international cooperation, especially in regard to transboundary waterways. But there are inadequacies in such mechanisms when it comes dealing with many of Africa's other shared resources, such as forest belts and protected areas.

Environment problem snad the impact they have on people and their livelihoods are often similar among neighbouring countries. In may cases, regional approaches to these problems are advantageous. In some cases, cooperation across country borders is essential to solve specific problems. Examples of problems where a cooperative regional approach is vital and can benefit all parties include:

  • the protection of crucial habitats shared by two or more countries;

  • the protection and management of water resources that lie or flow across borders; and

  • the integrated management of invasive, non-native species.

The section provides information on regional initiative which Zambia has entered with other neighbouring countries in conserving biodiversity resources and other significant environmental issues.